A guide for Jefferson Parish condo owners who rent their properties


A standard lease is never standard and is a complex set of issues for the property owner and made even more complex in the condominium environment.  A good lease is a work in progress and changes over time as experience is gained and as laws change.  Remember always, a good landlord is one that leases a desirable residence without burdening the community.


Below is a set of documents for your perusal, some required by law, some required by the condo associations and some which you need to protect yourself.    By all means if you find changes are necessary please email them to info@datakik.com so all may benefit from your experience.  “The Landlord Guide” is provided by www.datakik.com  It represents hundreds of hours of research and creation time; however, your use is without any warranty what-so-ever and is not a substitute for legal advice.   Copyright Notice: While you may link to this site, you may not copy its info to another site or otherwise claim any of the material as your own.


Note, Condo Rules & Reg’s. are available on each condo site

Other Info

Rental Application (8-21)

Notice -Rent Not Received (3-13)

Hurricane & Weather Info


Optional non-binding pre-evict notice (6-16)

Safety, Finances & Quality of Life

Custom Condo Lease (2020)  .doc

Notice -Rent Not Received v.3 (7-11)

Pest contol

Crime Free Lease addendum (6-16)

Eviction process in Metairie (12-16)

CFL versus Incandescent Lamps

Receipt for deposit  (7-16)

5-day pre-eviction notice  (7-08)

Selecting a contractor you can live with

Personal Guarantee

Notice with “wavier” clause (1-09)

Contractor limited liability agreement

Move in inspection report


Crime & Code Enforcement

Paying the Rent (1-15) .pdf

5th Justice Court Eviction Brochure  (8-17)

A Laundry Solution that works!

Occupancy Update (4-19)  .doc

Filing Form (10-13)

Tenant Screening  (2-12)

Lead, Mold & enviromental

Return of Premises Notice (10-21)

Condo legal advice

Rental History Request (3-15)   .pdf

Return of Deposits

Why install heat pumps?

Receipt -dep, modified 1st /m  (9-08)

* Constable for 5th Justice Court

QR code for your website

Application for pet approval  (12-12)


Smoking Issues

Resident / owner data form

Moving in & out guide (8-11)

Towing Services

Jeff. Parish housing program (2-19)

Parking Violation Warning (9-13)

Entergy outage status map

The sample tenant interview (9-13)

Sex offender watch list

Other landlord resources (1-21)

HUD FMR Tables

opcso birth dates must match (3-10)

Vendor Resources

HUD “a good place to live”

 Other Resources  (added 2-11)

Extras / Training

Courtesy Notice (6-16)

 Fire Marshall bans BBQ’s



 HUD Memos  (added 3-19)