Pest Control

Pests (Insects & Rodents) know no boundaries, therefore besides your own efforts, property management should be notified of any infestation problems.  Rats in particular need prompt eradication.


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House Mouse

The house mouse is a significant problem to many pest eradication programs whether in industrial, commercial or residential situations. Because of their habits and biology, these animals are susceptible to baiting and trapping techniques.  Poisons, live traps, snap traps and glue boards are all effective in eliminating mice.  These animals are curious and not afraid to explore new objects in their domain.


The size of an adult male is six inches from head to tail and weighs 3/4oz. The droppings are 1/4 inch long and are hard and black.  The hindfoot track is 3/4 inch long.  They can access an opening 1/4 inch or larger and can create a hole 3/4 inch to 2 inches in diameter.  Mice have excellent climbing ability, especially under stress.  The gestation period is 19 days with an average litter of six.

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Norway Rat

Norway rat, also called brown rats, sewer rats, wharf rats or water rats, are the most destructive and important rodent pests in the United States. They destroy and contaminate food, damage property, transmit diseases both directly and indirectly, frighten people and when threatened may even attack.  Norway rats are found in and around warehouses, homes, factories, railyards, farm buildings and storage areas, sewers, ships, apartment bulidings and other structures.


Norway rats have been successful in adapting to a remarkable variety of environmental conditions and habitats.  Their physical capabilities allow them to infest most structures used by humans.  They can climb on horizontal or vertical wires or inside pipes or conduits; jump three feet straight up or four feet out; swim through open water or in sewer lines and even dive through plumbing traps; gnaw through wood, cinder block or lead sheathing; and squeeze through openings greater than 1/2 inch.


Adult Norway rats are 12-18 inches long including a 5-8 inch tail, they weigh 7-18 oz.   They are sexually mature in 3-5 months and produce a litter of 8-12 .


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