Rental History Inquiry - date of request _____________



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Ph:  _______________ Fax:________________ 

Contact: _______________________________

Email:   _______________________________



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Ph:  ________________ Fax:_______________ 

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* Name of tenant / applicant: __________________________________________


This inquiry is relative to an application for an apartment at our property.  During processing it was discovered that the applicant is or may have been a resident at your property. 


We do respond to inquires and likewise appeal for your input.


Applicants approximate last month & year of occupancy?  _________________________


All questions below are a simple yes or no and you may leave any blank at your discretion.


-  Is the tenants account in good standing? ___  Is applicant a current resident? ___

-  Approximately what percentage of the time was the rent paid on time?  ___

-  Were demand for rent notices necessary during tenancy? ___

-  Was the apartment kept relatively clean? ___      - Smoking? ___           - Pets? ___

-  Was there any physical damage to the apartment? ___

-  Was notice given of intent to vacate? ___

-  Were the keys returned on time? ___   Was the deposit returned? ___

-  Was it necessary to file for formal eviction? ___ 

-  Was eviction granted? ___  Was the constable required? ___

-  Would the tenant be eligible for occupancy in the future? ___


-  Were the rules & regulations of the property observed? ___


-  Was there any “drama” associated with the tenants residency? ___

-  Were there excess guests or other residents not on the lease? ___

-  Was there excess noise or disturbances to neighboring units? ___

-  Were there any illegal activities associated with their residency? ___

-  Were parking guidelines followed? ___

-  Were they rude, offensive or threatening to other residents or management? ___

-  Was it ever necessary to call the police? ___ 


Thank you for your anticipated reply.


* See attached authorization for the release of information.