The Tenant Interview


Where did you live last and why do you want to rent here? 


How long at last address?  How long at 2nd last address?

- ! A credit check will show previous addresses.

Warning:  ("Address Hopping" usually indicates problems.)


How many will be living in the apartment? 

(Allow for 2 adults in each household, excepting adult children.)

- Use "Named Occupant" lease.  Excess occupancy will trigger eviction. 

Warning:  (Unclaimed adults will require additional background check) 


Income worksheet: 

- List sources of income.  How long at present job? 

Warning:  ("Job Hopping" usually indicates problems.)

    - You must have enough money to pay the rent and to live. 

Many employers will need a written request to verify length of employment and income. 

If employer will not furnish income then request last 2 pay stubs and / or last 2 bank statements.

If on SSI, HUD, Food Stamps or other programs that does count as income.

If self employed, request last tax return showing gross income. 


* Apartment must be kept clean at all times.  You must take garbage to the dumpster every day.

-  No putting food out for homeless pets.  Rodents love all food!

-  No trash is allowed on the balconies at any time.  Fines will be issued!


* You must live in peace.  This means quiet living; no drugs, no smoking, no pets, no drama and that you remain responsible for those occupying and visiting your apartment.  If police are called to your unit for situations you or your occupants cause then fines will be issued!


* Rent must be paid in full and on time.  Evictions will be prompt. 


* Other rental guide resources:  ( )


Quick Worksheet for those in denial of the 2 or 3 times rent income requirement:


Take home income: _______________


Car payment: __________________

Auto Insurance :  ___________________

Gasoline:  ___________________

Auto Repairs savings fund:                 .


Health Insurance: ___________ 


Internet                       .

Phone                       .

TV ___________.


Rent:    _________________


Food & misc.:                                 . 


Emergency savings fund                               .


Net short or spare     _______________


Financial planning resources for living on your own: 
  - Look at this interactive custom budget plan.  (
  - No nonsense planning for living on your own.  (
  - Also see for financial advice.

  - David Ramsey’s budget plan
- Local David Ramsey personal financial classes