The Orleans Marina Tenants Association is a grass-roots organization comprised of tenants and users of the Orleans Marina in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Association is dedicated to the enjoyment of the Orleans marina and to the welfare, safety, and quality of life of the tenants and users of the Orleans Marina.  


The Association exists to address issues of safety, security & storm preparedness; to promote development of the Marina and the New Orleans Lakefront as a whole; to promote civic and social events for the Marina and the Lakefront area; to give the Marina tenants and users a voice in the political process; and to act as a liaison between Marina users and Marina management.


If you are interested in serving on one of the committees please email the OMTA.


The current committee activities are as follows:

          * Government Relations

          * WiFi service for OMTA members

          * Inspection for stray electrical currents

          * Marina & Fairway Clean-up

          * Member Communications

          * Membership & PR

          * Security, Storm-Prep & Education

          * Social Activities & Newsletter


click here for the history of the Orleans Marina Tenants Asocation

                                                                                                          rev. 1-14