OMTA website info: 


As a nearly 20 year user & tenant of the Orleans Marina, this website is provided at no charge as my way of saying thank you for the good times.


Certainly this website is not a display of web skills, but an attempt to present as much info as can be gathered about the marina and its community.  I am always looking for stories and info.  If you have any non-copyrighted material or links to info you would like to see added, then please submit it via the “omta email link” provided on the home page.


For simplicity and savings in time, the website was created entirely with Microsoft Word.  The files were saved as web page filtered “.htm” files so they will load fast and not trigger any security alerts.  The actual web service & space for the files are piggy-backed on one of my other sites hosted by which keeps my cost to nothing.


Although I maintain several websites, those sites not for myself are for non profit groups and on a gratis / volunteer basis.   I am simply giving back to the community.  I do not do computer support or websites for a living nor do I profess to be up to date with computer skills.


Thanks to all for making such great memories in the Orleans Marina.


Lee Longstreet, Jr.