Meeting of March 29, 2018   7pm  - Fat Jack's (Fox's Pizza)  3112 Pontchartrain Dr.  Slidell, La



Moonraker Residents:

Last night's meeting of 3/28/18 was full of important information that is relevant to Moonraker and our surrounding communities.


We met the new levee board member, Suzanne Mayfield Krieger, who expressed her substantiation for our flood protection. She was engaging with a new approach for flood prevention support, and her resume is quite impressive.


Dan McGovern, our own levee board member, gave firm information pertaining to our project 1.0 that was really positive ( the main issues will be forwarded later).


John Faust, our own levee board member, gave information relating to mitigation.  John was kind enough to stay after the meeting to answer any questions residents had regarding the planning, the stages of development, projected time lines, etc. 


Safety issues regarding cameras, speeding, attempted break ins, destruction  of property, differences between the EIHOA and Moonraker communities, and sheriff's deputies' response times were discussed. 


Other topics included the difference between covenants and ordinances, what can and can't be enforced, and street repair..


The meeting was extremely successful and chock full of important information except for the fact that it ran late, something that will be corrected in the future.

The following is information promised to our residents.  


1. To report a streetlight that is out-    Rebecca -985- 898-2792

2. CLECO-  800-622-6537

3. Green algae bloom - Alex Perret, Wildlife and Fisheries expert,  225-765-2800 , <aperret@w/>

4. Barry Matte for an ordinance officer-   985- 898-5214

5. Michael Noto, Assistant Director of Public Works/ Operations,  985- 898-2557    , <>

6. Volkert Engineering,  construction management,  design,  504-488-8002,  985-661-1455   ,<>

7. Jason Cambre,  Engineering Dept. for St. Tammany,  985- 898 2552,    <>

8. Dexter Accardo,  Homeland Security,  985- 898-3074

9. Councilwoman Michele Blanchard,  985- 605-5013,    <>

10.Parish President Pat Brister,    985-898-2362 , <>

11  For street repair, Joey Lobrano, Dept. of public works, 985- 898-2557  <>

12 .St. Tammany Parish Sheriff,  985-898-2328


13. Louisiana State Police, 985-893-6242  , I*LSP from your cell phone


14. In Case Of Emergency- 911


15. Coast Waterworks Inc., 985-641-7932