Moonraker Island – The Beginning

Imagine a Nirvana, a Valhalla, a place that promotes tranquility, a vision of all that provides anything any family could want, a place to feast, a place to celebrate, a place to meditate.  Moonraker Island was established to fulfill this dream.

In 1969, Leisure Incorporated, a Monroe based company, purchased 5,300 acres of marshland (south of Slidell) and created what is known today as Eden Isles.  The Eden Isles Homeowners Association was created in 1974.  After the developer went bankrupt in 1977, the area was taken over by Eden Isles, Incorporated.  Landmark Land Company (LLC) then purchased the area for fourteen million dollars in 1987.  The name of the development was changed to Oak Harbor.  Although the name Oak Harbor appears on everything from stationery to the water tower, the Eden Isles Homeowners Association was granted license by the LLC to continue with the use of the Eden Isles logo.   

Moonraker Island was created by a developer from Delaware, D. M. Schweickert.  After viewing two ice-cold, spring-fed crystal lakes -  one emerald, one turquoise - side by side except for a strip of land that held them barely separate, he began to imagine Moonraker Island.  More than sixty feet deep, anyone could be captured by the sunlight dancing on the lips of the waves and the brilliance of the colors far below.  

In 1980, Schweickert established the Moonraker Island neighborhood.  The neighborhood was complete with its own covenants, proposed amenities that included an exercise track that was to circle the lake, private fishing in the stocked lakes, and all the things that made a premier subdivision.  Moonraker Island was not considered a part of and was completely independent from Eden Isles.  However, this beautiful area was slow to develop.  Due to the fact that there weren’t enough homes and homeowners to support a homeowners’ association, the established organization was forced to dissolve.  Over the next several years, Moonraker Island went through ‘buy outs’ similar to those Eden Isles had encountered.  The promised amenities were never developed.  The third and fourth phases of Moonraker Island were sold to other developers.  In 1994, Clipper Estates was developed; a bridge that had been intended for the south end of Moonraker Island was never completed; and Moonraker Lake was opened to Clipper Estates. At this time, Moonraker Island residents attempted to reactivate a homeowners’ association.  This attempt failed due to a lack of support.  The residents of Clipper Estates established and supported their own set of covenants.

In June 2014, Moonraker Island established a new homeowners’ association known as Moonraker Island Civic Organization (MICO).   Though covenants were established and enacted in 2014, these covenants lapsed due to the lack of enforcement.  New covenants can be established to replace the old covenants in 2020.  The old covenants can be replaced by a majority vote.  








Moonraker Island Civic Organization - Facts

MICO is federal tax exempt under Section 501(c) (4) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

MICO membership is only $20 per year.  Dues will be collected in January of each new year.

MICO worked to bring the condition of the Moonraker Island/Clipper Estates bridge to the attention of Saint Tammany Parish.  The parish has begun replacement of the bridge.

MICO works to obtain and provide continued updates on the progress of the bridge.

 MICO has collaborated with the parish to install additional street lights on Moonraker Island.

MICO keeps the residents informed of all news, safety issues, business, challenges, and solutions pertaining to Moonraker Island through the use of email.

MICO has established a good working relationship with the parish.  Vacant lots have been cleared, safety issues have been addressed, potholes have been filled, and ordinance infractions have been corrected.

MICO has established a Santa’s fire truck ride around the neighborhood and toy distribution at the fire station as one of the eagerly anticipated functions for Moonraker Island, Oak Harbor, Eden Isles, Clipper Estates, and children from around our area each December.

MICO continues to address the dangerous speeding problem on Moonraker Island.

MICO has provided signs to remind drivers that children and animals are present on our streets.

MICO has worked with the parish to place new directional signs that identify Moonraker Island as a subdivision.

MICO received permission from the parish to use the triangle at the entrance of Moonraker Island/Clipper Estates as a garden to welcome residents, place a bulletin board, and post important news.

MICO has worked with Progressive Wastes to receive donations that are used to enhance our community.  The entrance triangle, when not covered with bridge repair workers, ruts, and equipment, is one of the projects maintained with these donations. 

MICO is engaged with parish, state, and federal officials to bring awareness and mitigation regarding flood protection.

MICO recognizes its graduating high school and college seniors.  A sign with the name of each student is placed in the triangle area to congratulate the graduates.

MICO strives to help make Moonraker Island a safe, beautiful, peaceful, and happy place to live.

... rev. 7-6-18   ... editors note: home owners organization membership is currently $50/year