Feb. 27, 2021


Councilman Airey


The article in the Times, Feb. 25, 2021, is an example of avoiding putting ALL the constituents you represent in the position of voting for or against an issue, the proposed casino. That casino would bring in revenues to revitalize the area which should impact the parish and this side of it in a very positive way. Lakeshore Estates would benefit from the proposition, more police protection, high end shopping, nice restaurants, parks, etc.  Imagine the boom in jobs just to build the facility, the jobs in operating the facility, the contribution for flood protection.  I understand your feelings of wanting to keep the more affluent section of Southeast Slidell happy. What is disturbing to me is that you have failed to realize that a homeowner feels just as protective of his or her property no matter the cost, one hundred thousand dollars or one million dollars. Lakeshore Estates is protected by gates and guards.  


We all know the negative effects of someone who is addicted to gambling. That person goes to Mississippi and New Orleans and leaves money there.  Most people who go to the casinos go there as well. St. Tammany Parish receives no benefit from that at all.


  How else can our area improve?  Taxes, taxes, taxes.


  I thought the purpose of the first meeting was to permit the idea of the casino to move forward to allow the people to vote.     


What happened to that? 


Bonnie Peyroux