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Factory Authorized Parts, Supplies, & Repair Service

Brother, Canon, Epson, Philips, Sanyo



We provide Factory Authorized Parts, Supplies, & Service for many office products - including, printers, fax machines, typewriters, scanners, labeling machines, and dictation equipment.


Coinciding with industry wide changes in the early 90's, the decision was made not to compete with computer dealers or discount home office retailers and simply do what we do best - act as a service center for those who sell the equipment. It is this position in the market place that ensures we keep the customer, manufacturer and the selling dealer happy with our service.


We are happy to handle any warranty repairs, no matter where the equipment was purchased, for the manufacturers with whom we have warranty agreements. Since we deal directly with the manufacturer, we receive priority shipping and technical support. There is no delay routing special parts orders through a distributor.


While many servicers advertise they are certified by various associations, our technicians are trained & certified directly by the manufacturer. Our modern, fully equipped facility has a full compliment of tools, test equipment and spare parts necessary to get the job done. We will consult with the manufacturer, if necessary, to resolve those difficult situations involving engineering change updates or recalls.


Thank you for your consideration, MODERN BUSINESS MACHINES, INC.


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