Plumbing & Maintenance Tips for Residents



Toilet Tips:


*With anything more than a normal sitting, please consider letting the toilet do it's job over 2 or 3 flushes versus trying to get it done all in one flush.


*Toilets were designed to flush human waste.  There are modern hygiene products sold today as "flushable" that may not be compatible with your toilet and pipe system.  You may need to place these items in the trash can rather than flushing them. 


#1 PLEASE ! Prevent toilet overflow.


#2 Unclog tips on YouTube

(ACE Hardware guy unclogging toilet)

(Resident unclogging toilet)



- Adding a quart of Bleach to the hot water with dishwashing liquid shown in the YouTube example enhances the unclogging action & has the added benefit of disinfecting everything. 

- Don't use an auger or stick anything down the flush hole, instead call your landlord or a plumber if the clog will not clear in a couple of hours.



Garbage Disposal Tips:


#1 Do not allow anything you can't chew to enter the disposal.  Disposals are for getting rid of soft foods left on your plates.  Running plenty of water before, during and after use of the disposer will keep the plumbing from clogging and the disposer blades from rusting. 


#2 Ironically, garbage disposals are not for disposal of garbage!  Rocks, bones, plastic, screws, glass, forks, etc. will all jam the disposal and must be manually be fished out before the disposal will ever work again. 


#3 Once the debris is removed and only if you are equipped and feel comfortable, follow the steps in the video below to put the disposal back in service or call your landlord or a plumber. 


Clearing a jammed unit:



Getting Rid of Cooking Grease:


Cooking grease is not compatible with plumbing.  While warm or hot grease flows fine, once it starts to cool it attracts other debris in the plumbing line and shortly turns into a solid mass that will not flow.  This causes problems for everyone as every sink, tub and toilet must feed into a common drain line.  Once the problem occurs the clog could be anywhere and can only be cleared by a plumber physically cleaning out the sewer line. 


The best way to dispose of cooking grease is to let it cool to the point where it is safe to handle and pour it into a container with a lid.  Dispose of the container of grease in the dumpster without breaking it.  It is fine that it breaks in the garbage truck because the other garbage in the truck will absorb the spill.



Central Air Conditioning Drain & Filter Service:


Your a/c filter should be replaced whenever you can not easily see the blue color of the filter through the filter grille.  Only use the blue (really cheap) air filters.  These are the ones you can almost see through.  The more expensive high efficiency filters will restrict the air flow and eventually cause malfunction of the air conditioner.  Be sure to broom or vacuum the return air grille as well. 


Every 6 months or so the drain pan should be serviced to prevent drain overflow.  Your servicer will add a couple of special anti-algae “pills” that will prevent clogs. 



Uncontrolled Water Leaks Cause More Property Damage than Fires: 


Please report water leaks for repair before it results in damage. 


- A continuously running toilet will use up about $50 per month in excess water consumption.

- Water leaks cause damage to sheetrock, flooring and over time causes "wet rot" structural damage.

- In warm, non-air conditioned areas, uncontrolled water leakage can also lead to mold problems.   

- Insurance claims for non flood related water damage exceed that of fire damage claims. 


State Farm Insurance Co. video on looking for common leaks.




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