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Reference information is not always as readily available as we would like and most condo associations do not have the time or resources to maintain a website.  This site is a donated 3rd party source of information and was created in an attempt to make such information more available to the owners & residents. The information posted here may not be the latest or the most correct as some of the information may have been gathered in an unofficial manner.  Therefore, all the information on this site should be treated as a guide and not necessarily as fact.


Sources have been the condo office (past & present), the board of directors (past & present), the management company if applicable, scanned flyers distributed by the condo office and some original works not necessarily traceable to an “official” source.  Some file formats have been changed to allow faster loading.


It is the goal of those who have contributed to update and correct the info as available.


Please address any comments to info@datakik.com


You are also encouraged to submit or request data through the condo office or a current or former board member for accuracy, appropriateness and routing.