Hints on setting up your user account and setting your profile:



Unfortunately, software does not always work exactly the way you would like, we just have to work with what we have.  With that in mind what follows are some explanations and suggestions on using the forum.   As new questions come up regarding how to use the forum I will try to expand on the hints given here.


When you first look at the “forum” you will be viewing the “topics” as a “guest”. You will not be able to “reply” to a topic or “post“ new ones until you setup an account.


1.  To set up your account, simply click on the “register” button and give your name (or alias) and make up a password.  You may wish to check the option “hide email from view”. 

(Note, if you forget your password I cannot help other than to delete your account in order that you can make a new one.  Passwords are encrypted into the system so that no one can gain access.)  


2.  After creating your account, and are logged on, you can click on “profiles” and tailor the way you interface with the forum along with your email options.


Next time you want to post a reply to one of the topics, simply enter your name & password and you are ready to go.