Neighborhood Synopsis:


The Greater Eden Isles / Oak Harbor statistical area is generally referred to as those unincorporated neighborhoods bound by I-10 to the east and by Hwy. 11 to the west; Lake Pontchartrain to the south and the City of Slidell to the north.


The Eden Isles / Oak Harbor area was originally all Eden Isles. Following financial problems with the developer most of the undeveloped portions were purchased by Oak Harbor and other developers.


Land access is via Oak Harbor Blvd. and Eden Isles Dr. either by I-10 or Hwy. 11. They all share a privately owned common waterway canal system subject to the same tidal and storm surge influences. This includes Oak Harbor, Moonraker Island, Clipper Estates, Eden Isles and Lakeview Dr.


Virtually all of the home sites are waterfront and have deep water access to Lake Pontchartrain and onward to the Gulf of Mexico. These home sites have water rights allowing the construction of private docks and the right to store private vessels thereon.


A history of how the original the Eden Isles development arrived at what the Eden Isles / Oak Harbor area is today follows, click the link The History of Eden Isles     

St. Tammany parish mapping system provided by the assessor, click here ... Google map below