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Author Topic: SLIDELL LANDFILL  (Read 1798 times)

Sandra Faucheux

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« on: October 05, 2010, 12:48:39 PM »
October 5, 2010

Mr. Sanford Phillips
Waste Permits Division
Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
P. O. Box 4314
Baton Rouge, La.   70821-4314

Re:  Slidell Landfill request for time extension for closure until January 2011/February 2011

Dear Mr. Phillips:

I am writing with regard to the recent letter received by your office from Mr. Burmham on behalf of his client Slidell Landfill, L.L.C. requesting a 90 day extension of time for closure.

As you know, Slidell Landfill had already been granted extensions of the original closure date due to weather conditions cited previously.  Their new request states, that they need additional time due to weather conditions again, but it is recorded fact that St. Tammany (Slidell) is actually over 5 inches lower in recorded rainfall for the month of September 2010 compared to September 2009.  St Tammany Parish is actually under a “burn ban” due to the lack of rainfall at present.  Annual rainfall for the Slidell area to date (Jan.- Sept.) for 2010 is between 47.78 inches – 54.12 inches compared to the calendar year totals (Jan.– Dec.) of 2009 of 62.97 – 69.14 inches.  Therefore, rainfall should not be the main problem, as I am sure that when projection dates for this closure were requested by the owners they had reviewed the recorded rainfall records when requesting the previous extensions.  This information was obtained from viewing both sites for the Slidell area.

Slidell Landfill has also never disclosed the following information which is vital in determining a time extension.

1.  How many people are working on the closure?
2.  How many man hours per week are they working?
3.  What is their plan to insure that the work will be completed if they are granted another time extension?
4.  Have they decreased their workforce since they started work on the closure to date and if so, why?

The citizens of St. Tammany are concerned with this request for an extension and realize that it may be granted, but are concerned that this “closed mode” without significant progress being made toward final closure.  The citizens do not want the safety of the workers at risk, (as cited by the owners in their letter dated 9/24) but they want the facts clarified.  Perhaps, it is time that the LDEQ visit the site and meet with the officials handling this closure.

It is also noted by many citizens that the EDMS does not have the previous extension permit posted and is requesting that all correspondence be posted from Slidell Landfill and their representatives.  In the past letters, e-mail and all correspondence from citizens were posted on the EDMS for public viewing.

Please feel free to contact me with regard to this requested extension from Slidell Landfill, L.L.C.


Sandra Faucheux
Citizens for a Healthy St. Tammany

wayne c

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« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2010, 03:31:46 PM »
If not now , when?