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Eden Isles Exchange

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Eden Isles Exchange
« on: July 18, 2015, 04:02:10 PM »
Eden Isles Neighbor to Neighbor Exchange
                 (an answer to "NextDoor")

Access via the "" home page and click on "Forum"

The "Neighbor to Neighbor" Topic within the Eden Isles Forum is our answer to "Nextdoor"

This function has always been here but maybe you just did not know how to use it or what its advantages were.

1. First & foremost, your emails are not collected and sold to advertisers.

2. You will not find any ads here.  Free sites are not Free !  "Free Sites" either pester you with ads or sell your private info or both.  Results are more spam to your email and increased exposure to identity theft. 

Although this forum site is not free either, it is paid for (donated) by an Eden Isles Resident Volunteer who's only intent is to give back to his neighborhood for the good of all.  You privacy is respected and you will never be spammed or slammed with Ad's.

3. You can embed links, pictures and text formatting for ease of reference.

4.  You may use alias's if you must and can even send messages between alias's, subject to rules of mutual respect.  Detrimental language is subject to deletion by the Administrator.  User i.p.'s are subject to verification as being local and not belonging to more than one user.  We do not allow non locals to mess up our forum - they get their i.p. addresses blocked.  Isn't that nice, no spammers here. 

All you need to do to use this forum and this "Topic" is to create an account.  Be sure to setup a valid email.  You should mark your email as "not visible" so your email will remain private.  If you mark the "notify box" on this topic you will receive an email anytime someone posts something new.  Otherwise you can simply catch up on things each time you log into the "forum".  If you like you can also mark "notify" for other Topics and when new Topics are created.  If you can't figure things out, leave the "Administrator" a message with you name & phone number and we will give you a call and work through the problem. 

Others may wish to create a "Neighbor to Neighbor" exchange for Clipper, Moonraker, Oak Harbor, Lakeview, etc.  We are all waterfront neighbors and have many issues in common.  Please feel free to use the forum. 

Note: Eden Isles also has a Facebook page accessible from the "" home page.  The administrator for the Facebook page is different so please don't send those inquiries here.