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Linking Eden Isles to Facebook

Author Topic: Linking Eden Isles to Facebook  (Read 1309 times)

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Linking Eden Isles to Facebook
« on: March 12, 2013, 10:58:31 PM »
March 12, 2013

Some residents of Eden Isles have expressed an interest in creating a Facebook page on the internet.  Facebook now has over 1 billion users.  With the advent of the smart-phone everyone has the potential to be connected via Facebook.  Facebook makes it fun and easy to keep in touch with your friends and what’s going on. 

Facebook is an internet system whereby users casually link their family and friends together.  Each of those friends also has friends they have “linked” into their accounts.  Via linking of accounts, it is typical for users to have a hundred or so interconnected friends knowing what each is doing in their lives.  For a tutorial, see:

While Facebook is addictive for many and loved by millions, it is not without problems.  Everyone should do some research before deciding to use Facebook.  You might start by “googling” “dangers of facebook”.  It seems every few days there are stories of personal tragedy resulting from the casual use of Facebook.  Most of these problems stem from lack of privacy. 

Typically, it is the casual “linking” between “friends” that makes Facebook users so venerable.  It’s deployment to the masses via the smart-phone and the devices inclusion of GPS and video increases the danger.  Advertisers and other “unknown” interests are also paying Facebook to study and track you.  For every 100 “friends” there is likely one or more that have had problems with the law.  Criminals like Facebook too and if they like what they see some of them may come for you or your things. 

The Eden Isles board of directors has given tentative approval to establish an EIHOA sanctioned Facebook page on a trial basis.  Naturally the Facebook page would also reference our neighborhood website.  Because Facebook has such a broad reach, the process has begun of removing unwanted personal information from the website.  This includes the removal of the neighborhood directory from the newsletters that have been archived.  The directory will subsequently be made available to EIHOA members via password on the “publications” section of the website.  …

Many upscale neighborhoods want to keep their domain private.  They do this by being gated, some by having guards, some by passwording their website and some by mere physical distance from major cities.  If you live in Eden Isles, whether you are a member of the Eden Isles Homeowner’s Association or not, please give your feedback.  If you find anything personal on the neighborhood website you want removed, please send an email by way of the “contacts” tab on the home page of .  Note, the administrator for the website will not be the same as for the Facebook page. 
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